St Andrews Aquarium announces birth of Scotland’s newest resident Meerkat

Top Scottish visitor attraction, St Andrews Aquarium has announced the new arrival of what is thought to be Scotland’s newest Meerkat baby, who is set to thrill visitors and tourists throughout the Summer holidays.

Six months ago, the team at St Andrews Aquarium made the decision to bring some younger meerkats into the aquarium again, rehousing a four-year-old female, Simone, and a two-year-old male, Max, who moved into a newly created ‘nursery’ enclosure. The new ‘couple’ settled in quickly and gave birth to a tiny Meerkitten a few days ago.

Speaking of the new arrival John Mace added; “We are delighted to welcome our newest resident who is now three weeks old. Our team have been helping to look after the new arrival who is now starting to explore the nursery enclosure with mum and dad. Having had a few litters over the years, I know this latest arrival will be just as popular with our visitors who will make the trip during the school holidays.”

Twelve years ago, John Mace, the Managing Director and owner of the east coast attraction, made a surprising announcement that they were building a new enclosure to welcome a group of three Meerkats that needed to be rehomed. Over the past twelve years the aquarium has welcomed three litters of Meerkittens, who have been entertaining visitors ever-since.

Talking about the decision to bring Meerkats to the centre, Managing Director John Mace commented; “I accept that Meerkats in an aquarium may be a bit unusual, but it has allowed our team to expand the topics of education that we deliver to our visitors. We have been able to show different habitats, whilst discussing issues outside of marine life, such as desertification. The Meerkats have been a big hit with our guests since the day they arrived and I’m sure the new arrive will be the same.

St Andrews Aquarium, Scotland’s only family-owned aquarium, welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each year, who enjoy getting to know each of the 120 species of animals on display at the centre on the East Coast of Fife. St Andrews Aquarium is open from 10am 7 days a week.