St Andrew’s Aquarium p-p-p-prepares for a Penguin invasion

Tayside residents are looking forward to this summer’s Maggie’s Penguin Parade, with a colony of colourful giant penguins set to invade Dundee and generate much press coverage.

Not to be frozen out… the REAL Humboldt penguins of St Andrew’s Aquarium, and the original inspiration for the Maggie’s models, are hatching their own plans to steal the media spotlight.

The residents of Penguin Cove are currently incubating four precious eggs, due to join the waddle of penguins at the St Andrew’s attraction just in time for Easter.

John Mace, Managing Director of St Andrews Aquarium, commented:
“Last year, we refurbished the Penguin’s Cove enclosure to ensure more privacy for the mother and potential chicks. Our colony has reached prime breeding age this year, and we are hopeful that the improvements we have made, plus the added maturity of the penguins, will result in a successful breeding this year for this declining species.”

St. Andrews Aquarium have signed up to sponsor one of the 80 Maggie’s penguins, which will be decorated with unique designs by local artists.

The popular family attraction offers a penguin feeding experience, giving visitors the chance to learn all about the penguins, prepare their food and step inside the enclosure for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Humboldt’s are medium-sized penguins and are around 60cm in height and around 4-5kg in weight. Originating from South America, their numbers have been in steady decline over the past decade due to over fishing, habitat destruction and climate change.

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