Snappy Names Chosen for Baby American Alligators

In a nationwide competition to name two baby American Alligators who arrived at St Andrews Aquarium last month has ended with 11 year old Libby Findlay triumphing and naming the snappy pair Barack and Michelle after the American President and his First Lady.

The pair of American Alligators arrived at St Andrews Aquarium in December and are expected to grow up to between 3m and 5m in length.

The unusual competition took place on the St Andrews Aquarium Facebook Page where entrants were asked to put forward their two favourite names for the male and female Alligators. Libby, who stays in the Isle of Man won a cuddly fish and a family pass to the Aquarium so she can come and visit Barack and Michelle again soon.

John Mace, Manager of St Andrews Aquarium commented:

“It was a tough decision to pick a winner out of all the suggestions, but we loved Libby’s idea of naming them Barack and Michelle straight away as there was a clear link as to why she had chosen the names.

“Since arriving last month the Alligators have settled in really well and visitors are always commenting on how cute the baby Alligators are. I’m sure they will really take to their new names of Barack and Michelle!”

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