R is for the Reef

Welcome to The Reef

Our ambition is to provide the most amazing underwater experience in Scotland and over the past few Winters, our team have been working tirelessly to make sure our aquarium is the best!

Last year we developed our Great British Shark & Ray tank (beside the Meerkats), completely refurbished our Cold Water Zone, installed an incredible Python display (to house our enormous 15ft Albino Burmese Python) and a crawl-in tank, which gives visitors a 360-degree view of over 200 clown fish…yes, we were very busy!

This year, we continued our redevelopment project and have created The Reef, a spectacular showcase of themed tanks holding 15 different species of tropical and marine fish. They include Green and Leopard Moray Eels, Pufferfish, Lionfish, Clownfish and Seahorses spread over five brand new exhibits located at the end of the visitor tour.

The Reef truly is a labour of love as our team have hand built all of the new tanks themselves, including a massive 5,500 litre tank…it’s so big we attempted to find a mermaid to go in it, but unfortunately we have been unsuccessful as of yet!

We have invested approximately £30,000 on The Reef as part of a four-month winter refurbishment, bringing in leading European aquarium company Aquarium Technology Ltd to reproduce the look of tropical waters using replica corals and imitation rocks, with displays that create the feel of walking through a reef.

The Reef really does bring the tropics to St. Andrews and the Fife coast, and we can’t wait to show off our bigger, better collection of tropical and marine life to visitors. It will not only reel our visitors in but it’s a fabulous experience for them to end their visit on.

We are very proud of The Reef and believe the tanks are among the most impressive in the UK…we can’t wait for our visitors to explore The Reef and take a walk through warmer waters.

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