Baby Penguins arrive at St. Andrews Aquarium

Tayside residents are looking forward to this summer’s Maggie’s Penguin Parade, with a colony of colourful giant penguins appearing across Dundee and the surrounding areas over the past few days.

Not to be frozen out… the REAL Humboldt penguins of St Andrew’s Aquarium, and the original inspiration for the Maggie’s models, have hatched their own plans to steal the media spotlight.

The residents of Penguin Cove have recently welcomed two new chicks, much to the delight of the team at the Fife aquarium.

John Mace, Managing Director of St Andrews Aquarium, commented:
“Our colony has reached prime breeding age this year, and we are over the moon to welcome two new chicks to the family. Penguin fever seemed to have peaked with the arrival of our own Maggie’s Centre penguin, which appeared outside our front doors on Wednesday night, but we have a feeling the news of the chicks might push it even further.”

The team at the aquarium are keen to give the chicks and their parents plenty of space however to satisfy the curiosity of their visitors, a video camera and tv screen has been set up inside the centre.

St. Andrews Aquarium have signed up to sponsor one of the 80 Maggie’s penguins, which have been decorated with unique designs by local artists.

For more information  about the Maggie’s Penguin Parade please click here

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