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On Wednesday afternoon we were made aware that someone was selling vouchers to St. Andrews Aquarium on the popular Facebay Dundee page. Please be aware that these vouchers have in fact been stolen from the aquarium and sold without consent. We have reviewed CCTV footage identifying the individual and the police have been contacted. These vouchers […]

St Andrews Aquarium hoping for an eggs-tra special Easter

Staff at St Andrews Aquarium are waiting patiently to see if the resident Humboldt penguins will welcome some special new additions over the Easter break. The waddle of penguins at the Fife-based Aquarium have laid two eggs, which staff are closely monitoring in the hopes they’ll successfully hatch. The average incubation period is around 42 […]

Catch a glimpse of the Amazon at St Andrews Aquarium’s new exhibition

Visitors to St Andrews Aquarium this Easter break will find themselves transported over 5000 miles into the tropics of the Amazon in a new exhibition, the Amazing Amazon, which opened last weekend. St Andrews Aquarium worked with one of the UK’s leading theming companies on the four-month refurbishment. Visitors will be able watch hundreds of […]

Watch the space…Amazing Amazon coming soon!

We are currently working on a major refurbishment project to completely redevelop our Amazon room. Expect 5 new exhibits including 1 HUGE new tank! We are currently under-going a large refurbishment project to completely redevelop our amazon room. This room is completely closed as we work to complete our newest area, THE AMAZING AMAZON. You […]

A is for American Alligators…

Two toothy American alligators, Barack & Michelle, came to live at St Andrews Aquarium last winter as little baby snappers, but these apex predators don’t stay small for long. Once an endangered species, the American alligator population has been brought back from the brink of extinction thanks to dedicated global conservation efforts. Our alligators require […]

B is for Black Tip Reef Shark

While you certainly won’t run into Jaws when you’re paddling at the East Sands beach, St Andrews Aquarium does have its very own shark-in-residence. Our black-tip reef shark is still a baby, and rather small, but in the wild, these toothy Carcharhinidae can grow up to 1.6 metres in length. Bluish-grey in colour, black-tip sharks […]

C is for Caimans…

Our spectacular, Spectacled Caimans might look a little bookish with their ridged eye-rings, but they’re anything but reserved. Although typically shy as hatchlings, cute little caiman grow up to be big, bold, aggressive crocodilian. It’s a common misconception that caiman are tiny. In fact, these predators can grow to a whopping eight or nine feet […]

D is for Dogfish…

…and not a pooch in sight! Now, just to clear things up, the Dogfish is not a fish that barks or has a  wagging tail. In fact, it couldn’t be further removed from our canine friends. The Dogfish is in fact a member of the shark family. Perhaps canines of the teeth variety is the […]

E is for Eels…

With his glaring eyes and razor-sharp gnashers, one of the most menacing-looking underwater lurkers of the St Andrew’s Aquarium is the majestic moray eel. Although their startling looks have earned them a scary reputation, moray eels are actually quite shy, much preferring to curl up in an off-shore rock crevice than to take a chomp […]

F is for Frogs

Frogs are all over the place, they are native to every continent of the world, thriving in most places which isn’t dry desert or frozen ice. On top of that frogs are everywhere, in the water (fresh, not salt), on the ground, underground, in the trees, so frogs even fly through the air but that […]