Aquarium’s residents launch an emotional appeal to public to help

The fishy, furry and feathery residents of St Andrews Aquarium in Fife have launched an emotive appeal to the public today to see if they can help them with the costs of food, heat, light and their keepers while the Aquarium is closed to the public due to the impact of COVID-19.

St Andrews Aquarium is home to over 1000 different animals who all still require the same level of care and attention, even though the venue is officially closed to the public. The appeal states “Every day the humans spend about £50 on food (we like food), £90 on heat and light, and around £160 on a small team of keepers (we like them a lot, they play with us).”

A special donation page has been set up, encouraging the public to donate from £5 to “feed the fish” and includes options to “perk up the penguins” and “send love to the seals”.

John Mace, owner of St Andrews Aquarium, commented:

“Like so many businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we have done our level best to comply with the lockdown restrictions but, unlike so many venues, we can’t simply close the doors and walk away. Our animals require exactly the same level of care and nourishment that they always get and that means we have to keep a team of keepers in position, as well as pay for the ongoing costs of heat, light and food. Those costs are beginning to really mount up.”

“We’ve been doing our bit to keep the public entertained during the lockdown, with regular videos of the animals. We now ask if the public can help us out a little. £5 might not feel like much but every little donation will help the animals. By way of saying thank you, when we are all through this, we plan to do something very special for those who can help us out at this time.”

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