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St Andrews Aquarium hoping for Eggcellent Easter after completing huge winter refurbishment project

Visitors to St Andrew’s Aquarium this Easter will be the first to experience a brand-new exhibition highlighting the wonders of native marine species. Extensive refurbishment work has taken place over the winter months to create Cold Water Wonders, an engaging new zone packed with fascinating information about native sea life which will open for the […]

St Andrew’s Aquarium p-p-p-prepares for a Penguin invasion

Tayside residents are looking forward to this summer’s Maggie’s Penguin Parade, with a colony of colourful giant penguins set to invade Dundee and generate much press coverage. Not to be frozen out… the REAL Humboldt penguins of St Andrew’s Aquarium, and the original inspiration for the Maggie’s models, are hatching their own plans to steal […]

St. Andrews Aquarium signs up as sponsor for Maggie’s Penguin Parade

Humboldt Penguins from St Andrews Aquarium’s Penguin are the real-life inspiration behind a colony of colourful giant penguins, set to invade Dundee and its surrounding landscape next summer as part of a Wild in Art fundraising event by Maggie’s Dundee. St. Andrews Aquarium have signed up to sponsor one of the 100 penguins, which will […]

World’s smallest crocodiles snap up new enclosure at St Andrews Aquarium

Two West African Dwarf Crocodiles have been busy making themselves at home at St Andrews Aquarium. Nelson and Desmond have moved into their newly built enclosure at the Fife-based aquarium, which has undergone a wave of refurbishments over the last eighteen months. The two crocs, which come from the smallest species of crocodiles, are native […]

Red-eyed tree frogs hop into the Amazing Amazon at St Andrews Aquarium

St Andrews Aquarium have welcomed one of the world’s most famous and recognisable frogs, the red-eyed tree frog, to its newest area, the Amazing Amazon. The frogs, which are native to Central and South America, were used in the promotional material for David Attenborough’s latest series ‘Planet Earth II’. The iconic rainforest amphibians have a […]


On Wednesday afternoon we were made aware that someone was selling vouchers to St. Andrews Aquarium on the popular Facebay Dundee page. Please be aware that these vouchers have in fact been stolen from the aquarium and sold without consent. We have reviewed CCTV footage identifying the individual and the police have been contacted. These vouchers […]

St Andrews Aquarium hoping for an eggs-tra special Easter

Staff at St Andrews Aquarium are waiting patiently to see if the resident Humboldt penguins will welcome some special new additions over the Easter break. The waddle of penguins at the Fife-based Aquarium have laid two eggs, which staff are closely monitoring in the hopes they’ll successfully hatch. The average incubation period is around 42 […]

Catch a glimpse of the Amazon at St Andrews Aquarium’s new exhibition

Visitors to St Andrews Aquarium this Easter break will find themselves transported over 5000 miles into the tropics of the Amazon in a new exhibition, the Amazing Amazon, which opened last weekend. St Andrews Aquarium worked with one of the UK’s leading theming companies on the four-month refurbishment. Visitors will be able watch hundreds of […]

Watch the space…Amazing Amazon coming soon!

We are currently working on a major refurbishment project to completely redevelop our Amazon room. Expect 5 new exhibits including 1 HUGE new tank! We are currently under-going a large refurbishment project to completely redevelop our amazon room. This room is completely closed as we work to complete our newest area, THE AMAZING AMAZON. You […]

A is for American Alligators…

Two toothy American alligators, Barack & Michelle, came to live at St Andrews Aquarium last winter as little baby snappers, but these apex predators don’t stay small for long. Once an endangered species, the American alligator population has been brought back from the brink of extinction thanks to dedicated global conservation efforts. Our alligators require […]