Great British Sharks & Rays

The new tank, produced in partnership with the Shark Trust, features a display with lots of factual information about the Sharks and Rays and information about the future conservation challenges facing these native species as well as a chance to see the impressive Sharks and Rays up close in their new home. 

The range of species joining the aquarium include Bull Huss and Smooth-hound Sharks, Thornback, Blonde, Spotted and Painted Rays. There will is also two Cuckoo Wrasse which is a brightly coloured fish found in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Snap snap!

4 Fast & Fishy Shark Factoids

Factoid Number One

Sharks don't have true bones like other fish, they have cartilage which is lighter and allows them to bend in really tight circles.

Factoid Number Two

Sharks sink unless they keep swimming forward.

Factoid Number Three

Sharks have an extra sense that is able to detect tiny electic fields. They can use this to find buried food or search for other animals.

Factoid Number Four

Did you know Sharks can replace their teeth constantly!


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