A more recent addition to the Aquarium family, we have a growing family of reptiles including two baby African Spurred Tortoises, who will both grow to enormous proportions as one of the world's biggest tortoises.

Bearded Dragon at St Andrews AquariumSharing their space we have a fabulous team of Bearded Dragons who just love to sunbathe under their heated lamps all day.

And just in the neighbourhood, we have a magnificent Carpet Python who likes to hide among the leaves so be sure to keep an eye out for him. 

Fast & Scaly Factoids

Factoid Number One

African Spurred Tortoises are the 3rd largest type of tortoise in the World.

Factoid Number Two

The African Spurred Tortoises are known to get excited and run around just before it rains!

Factoid Number Three

Bearded Dragons love sunbathing and are originally from Australia!

Factoid Number Four

The tortoises have five toes on their front feet and only four on their back feet!

Factoid Number Five

In the wild, Bearded Dragons stand on only their back legs to run away from danger.


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