Where do we start?! It’s not surprising to learn that at St Andrews Aquarium we have literally hundreds of fish!

Lionfish at St Andrews Aquarium

From the exotic to the unusual, you will experience the full spectrum of aquatic inhabitants when you visit the Aquarium. There’s too many to go into online, however our favourites are:

Piranhas who group together to attack larger animals.

The Octopus who can move at great speed when the situation demands.

Pufferfish who inflate their body to scare away predators.

The Lionfish (shown above) whose spines contain poisonous venom.

4 Fast & Fishy Fish Factoids

Factoid Number One

Did you know octopuses can change the colour and texture of their skin to blend into their surroundings?

Factoid Number Two

Some piranhas are cannibals

Factoid Number Three

Fins on a Lionfish are as sharp as needles and are used to attack prey.

Factoid Number Four

Moray Eels have a second set of jaws in their throat which have teeth too!


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