Love them or loathe them, when spiders are BIG they are just that little bit more interesting - and we've some of the world's biggest spiders for you to admire.

Come and take a peek ....... we have a Salmon Pink Bird Eater, a Brazilian White Knee, a Unicorn Baboon and a Chilean Rose. 

Then check out our Scorpions - they glow in the dark, you know.

But be careful how you go - these guys bite! 

Arachnid Factoid

Factoid Number One

The female Goliath Bird Eating Spider can live up to 25 years and grow to a leg span of 30cm!

Factoid Number Two

There are around 80 species of Tarantula worldwide and more waiting to be discovered.

Factoid Number Three 

The Steely Blue Tarantula is just one of 900 identified species of tarantula!

Factoid Number Four 

The oldest tarantula, according to the Guinness World Records live to be 49 years old. 


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